Videos Catch Explosions, Fights From ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set


The day of the bat is drawing near, as more footage from the filming of The Dark Knight Rises, the latest Christopher Nolan directed release from the Batman franchise shows up online. This morning there are two new videos circulating the web: one of riots and fighting, another of an explosion in Heinz Field.

This first clip shows Bale as Batman, as well as several stunt doubles, all during a fight with Tom Hardy’s Bane. There is also a lot of fighting between police and what look like dock workers or something. I am guessing they are criminals, or maybe just citizens. Who knows.

The second one was being filmed in Heinz Field, and shows people reacting to an explosion in the middle of the venue. It is a pretty small one, and I would imagine it will be further enhanced by special effects later on.

I am really looking forward to seeing Bane in this movie. Though I am disappointed that they went with Catwoman as the secondary villain, as I think she is one of the worse characters in the Batman canon. Yes, I said it.

Poison Ivy would have been far superior..they may have even been able to include Harley Quinn, despite the Joker being gone. After all, in several later comic releases and series, there was a relationship between the two.


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