‘Two & A Half Men’ Funeral Story Confirmed As Photos Leaked Online


Well, it is official: Charlie Sheen’s character of sitcom Two and a Half Men is going to be killed off. TMZ managed to score what appear to be set photos from Charlie Harper’s funeral.

In the pictures you see a chapel with flowers surrounding the infamous outfit that he tended to wear: bowling shirt and shorts. It looks like a funeral setup, though there is no urn or coffin seen in the shots, which makes me wonder if maybe there was a ‘no body’ situation after whatever accident kills him off.

There could be other explanations, of course. It could be that Chuck Lorre came up with another, less petty way to end Sheen’s collaboration with the show, but is letting us think it is a death so it is more shocking when the show comes.

But I doubt it. We keep getting little details about Harper’s demise, and about his funeral. For example, that the guest list will include a long list of honeys he bagged on the show.


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