Roseanne Barr Announces Her Candidacy For US President


Roseanne Barr is kind of crazy, but I think most people appreciate that about her more than dislike her for it. She has made many faux pas as well as insightful observations, so getting a read on her can be difficult. But her latest announcement that she plans to run for President of the United States might just tip things a little towards the crazy side.

The former sitcom star who is now in a new television show called Roseanne’s Nuts. She was interviewed by late night legend Jay Leno about it, and while there made a surprising announcement.

After several comments that voiced her support of medical marijuana, green living and intense environmentalism in her own life, she told the audience that she intends to run for president.

It will be under the banner of the Green Tea Party, making her a third-party candidate running against incumbent Barack Obama and the to-be-announced GOP nominee, as well as the other third-party candidates, of course.

Why did she choose Jay Leno for the announcement? Because he helped get Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger into office, so why not her?

Not sure it will be enough, Rosie.



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