‘High School Musical’ Star Sued After Movie Bombs Hard


It is bad luck for High School Musical star Corbin Bleu. His movie Freestyle released just last year took a major dive in box offices and was mostly unknown around the world except by the most dedicated fans. Now, he is being sued by the films financiers who say he failed to promote it and they lost millions.

Third Eye Capital and Strative Capital say that they provided $8.5 million to the production of the film, but that the burden of promotion was on Bleu. They allege in the lawsuit filed this week that he did not properly work to that end and so the movie bombed.

In fact, the entire worldwide gross was only a little over $1.3 million, with a hilariously bad intake of $463 on opening. Yes, that is just over $450 dollars…about enough to buy used laptop or put a down payment on a second hand  1998 Corolla.

You might be wondering what the film is about, since hardly anyone heard about it to begin with.

The movie is about a teenager working two jobs trying to make fulfill his dream of making it as a pro Motocross racer. He ends up with a shot to win an amateur competition that will put him in a profession tournament, and so he uses the love and support of friends, family and his girlfriend to make it.

Yeah, cheesefest. Check out the trailer below.


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