Kendra Wilkinson: ‘Crystal Harris is trash’


Kendra Wilkinson has criticised Crystal Harris for ridiculing Hugh Hefner’s love making.

Harris recently claimed that the Playboy founder lasted “two seconds” in bed.

Wilkinson told Life & Style: “I thought she’d be classy about things [following their split]. But it’s not classy how she’s opening her mouth the way she is.

“She should’ve kept her mouth shut, been a bigger person and just walked away. She looks like trash.”

Harris, who was engaged to Hefner beforesplitting with him a week before their wedding, said previously, “Then it was just over it. I was like, ‘Ahhhh’. I was over it, I just, like, walked away. I’m not turned on by Hef, sorry. He doesn’t really take off his clothes. I’ve never seen Hef naked.”

Wilkinson also insisted that Hefner should forget his relationship with the 25-year-old and move on.


She added, “Hef’s been Hef for how many years now? He needs to move on and keep living his life!”

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