Chris Brown Is A Nightmare To Live Beside, Neighbors Claim


Chris Brown has his share of run ins. He hurls homophobic slurs, throws chairs at morning interview shows and beats up his exes. So is it any surprise that he sucks to live next to?

Brown is currently living in a Hollywood condo for some reason, where he has been for a few months. Neighbors told TMZ he blasts his music and parties all day and night, races dogs in the hallway, parks in handicap spots and that someone carved his initials into the elevator doors.

There are several pictures that show him parking in handicap spots, but he says he has a right to. He claims that both spots are his on the deed, but that management never disclosed that they were handicap parking. But management says he is still parking in other areas around the complex that are also reserved.

Seriously, is anyone shocked by this? He is a douchebag, everything he does says so. He beat and choked Rhianna, vandalized the property at Good Morning America when he was asked about it in an interview, and he is always offending someone.

The only thing I am shocked by is that he is living in a condo in the first place.


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