Anna Berglund’s Mother Says She Isn’t Sleeping With Hugh Hefner


Anna Berglund became Hef’s “#1 girl” when gold digger Crystal Harris decided even riches weren’t enough to make her live the next few years fondling his wrinkly ballsack. But Anna’s mother insists that no hanky panky is going on.

TMZ caught up with Lena Griffin (probably by ambushing her where she came out of a public bathroom) and asked if the rumors they were hooking up were true.

But she says that it was nothing but a publicity stunt, and that they are just friends that met at a party before Anna’s stint as Miss January earlier this year.

I AM SHOCKED! You mean Hugh Hefner, the world’s sleaziest 80-something porn king, isn’t really banging these super-hot, plastic blond 20-year-old’s? My trust in reality has been shattered!

Come on, now. Of course they aren’t screwing, he seems like he can barely breath on his own. Did you ever watch Girls Next Door? Every time he was in the frame with Holly, Kendra and Bridgett it was like a set of slutty triplets visiting their grandfather in an old folk’s home.

I bet if Hef got an erection he would fall backward and end up having to be revived by paramedics.


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