Steve-O: ‘Jackass crew made me go to rehab’


Steve-O has credited his Jackass co-stars with saving his life by forcing him to seek treatment after years of drug and alcohol abuse.

The Jackass star stated that he decided to enter rehab only after Johnny Knoxville organised an intervention in 2008.

He told Dr Drew, “Knoxville came over to my apartment with the director of Jackass [Jeff Tremaine], the director of photography, the executive producer [and] the sound guy. It was like the whole crew of Jackasscame over to stop me from hurting myself after helping me hurt myself for ten years, which is pretty amazing.”

Steve-O claimed that he first resisted their requests that he accept medical help, but eventually realised that his life had spiraled out of control.

The star explained: “I was defiant. I didn’t want really any part of it and then it became clear that this was not a ‘yes or no’ question. This was a, ‘You’re going to come willingly or we’re going to physically beat you up and take you against your will’… Think of it this way, you know you have a serious problem when Johnny Knoxville is your interventionist.”


Photos by WENN


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