Jonathan Rhys Meyers Allegedly Attempts Suicide


Jonathan Rhys Meyers, best known for his work on the hit period drama The Tudors, has hospitalized this week after sources claim he may have attempted to commit suicide.

An unknown person called 911 saying that he was going to hurt himself, and ambulances quickly responded. When they found him, they say he was slumped on the floor but refused to be treated.

London police were called, which they confirmed, and they assisted in getting him to the hospital. He was released Wednesday.

Details are still pretty shady, but that doesn’t sound like a suicide attempt to me. If he was suicidal, why would they release him so quickly? Aren’t there laws that make holding mandatory if the person is going to hurt themselves or someone else?

Besides, he has been struggling with addiction for awhile. The official story is alcho0l, but there have been rumors about drugs for awhile as well. He might have had some kind of severe relapse and said some stupid things which led to the 911 call. He couldn’t have been that hurt if he was allowed to leave the same day.

Either way, this is sad. I hope he gets help.