Chris Hanson Caught In Four Month Affair With Florida Anchor


“Hi, take a seat please. ” Chris Hansen, the NBC news anchor who became well known for the pedo-snatching television program To Catch a Predator has been caught himself….banging behind his misses’ back.

Hansen has allegedly been caught having a four month affair with Kristyn Caddell, a 30-year-old blond news anchor for a local Florida affiliate.

A National Enquirer ‘journalist’ caught them during a sting operation that was held as a side project to another covering the disappearance of James Trindade.

He taped the two having dinner together in a romantic setting, then going back to her apartment. Hansen didn’t leave until the next day. They also got a source claiming that the two have been seeing each other awhile, and that Chris says he loves Kristyn.

“But he still doesn’t seem all that motivated to leave his wife for her. He’s telling her he loves his wife too, but they’ve grown apart over the years, and she’s not sure what he should do.”

Well, this might have just forced your hand, buddy. Just hope your wife isn’t like Tiger Wood’s, or I see a wreck SVU and a couple of golf club swings in your future.


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