More Pregnancy Rumors About Fantasia Barrino And Scumbag Boyfriend


It seems that every few months we get a reminder of the mess that is Fantasia Barrino’s life. Sadly, the newest round of rumors have begun as the incredible singer was seen sporting what looked like a baby bump while on vacation with her daughter and her married boyfriend.

Antwuan Cook is one of the sleaziest men alive. He is married with three kids, and Fantasia claims she had no idea when their relationship began. She found out and a court case began, with the wife trying to sue her for ruining her marriage. That fell through, but everything else was still falling apart.

Last year, the Color Purple Broadway star attempted to commit suicide after she says she aborted the baby she had become pregnant with before learning that her man was taken.

But now, she has apparently chosen to get right back into the whole mess. She and Cook were seen getting cozy along with her nin-year-old daughter on a beach in the Caribbean. Her purple one piece had a bump in the front that just screams “I’m Pregnant!”

However, a rep for her says she is just gaining wait for a role she is preparing for: a biopic of the life of gospel singer Mahalia Jackson.

The pregnancy thing seems to be second seat to the fact that she is still seeing this nasty ass sleaze ball. Ugh. He isn’t even attractive, he looks like a extra from The Wire. Why is she so into some ugly guy with a bad tattoo who was cheating on his wife and was willing to ditch his kids for her?


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