Michael Bay: ‘James Cameron wanted me to do 3D’


Michael Bay has confessed that James Cameron encouraged him to make Transformers: Dark of the Moon in 3D.

Bay revealed that the Avatar director has been getting increasingly frustrated with the standard of some 3D releases and felt that the new Transformers film could do the format justice.

Bay told Digital Spy,”Jim Cameron wanted me to do 3D. He said, ‘You’re the type of director that would do state-of-the-art’.”

“He’s been a little bummed out that so many movies are doing it poorly. They use it as an afterthought instead of a forethought and we had to invent a lot of different types of equipment because it’s still a new technology. It adds so much to this movie in 3D.”

When Bay was asked what Cameron thought of the latest Transformers film, he replied, “He saw it in 2D because it wasn’t completely finished. He saw 20 minutes of 3D footage, but he leaned at the end of the movie, looked at me and goes, ‘Effing epic!’

Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens in UK and US cinemas on Wednesday.

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