LaToya Jackson Opens Up About Spousal Abuse In New Book


It is no secret that LaToya Jackson was abused by her scum bag late-husband Jack Gordon. But in her new book, she finally opens up about the true extend of what she suffered.

The entire first half of Starting Over was dedicated to explaining exactly what it was that had happened.

Gordon, a shady ‘business man’ who was suspected in the murder of two of his partners among other crimes, was hired by Father of the Year Joseph Jackson to manage LaToya’s career.

In 1989, he enlisted the help of a body guard to force her into marrying him to “protect her from kidnapping by the Jackson family”. She tried to escape multiple times before being dragged back into the chapel by the guard. She eventually gave in but says there was never consummation, and the marriage was in name only.

From there he regularly beat her, demeaned her, threatened to kill her and her brothers and isolated her completely from her family. He forced her to do Playboy magazine, and boasted that he would make her the “most hated person in the world”.

One night he came home and told her she would be forced to do porn with multiple men, or else be murdered. She waited until he was in the shower and called her parents, who called her brother Randy. He flew in and helped her to escape.

I think this is so tragic. There is no doubt in my mind that she is telling the truth…she used to be photographed with black eyes all the time, and bruises on her body. Jack Gordon was a psychopath, and he was already believed to be a murderer.

She is a very brave woman.


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