Mackenzie Phillips Shopping Reality Show For Addicts


Mackenzie Phillips, who shocked the world when she announced that she had had an affair with her father that lasted for 10 years and led her to abort a child that might have been his, is becoming a drug counselor and shopping a reality show.

The former soup opera actress is a the daughter of the late Mamas & the Papas singer John Phillips. According to her, the two began a sexual affair one night when high on heroine when she was 19, which lasted for ten years.

She recently got help with her addiction and was a member of Celebrity Rehab, a show with Dr. Drew Pinsky of Loveline fame.

Now, she might just be doing her own sober living show. She has been in training to become a certified addiction counselor, and she is hoping her show No Relapse will be picked up by a network. Already, there is some rumor of interest from several cable sources.

Would you watch it?


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