“Heartbroken” Hef A-OK With New Girl 2 Weeks After Broken Wedding


You know, Hugh Hefner should never wonder why people think his “relationships” are jokes. Two weeks after his gold digging fiance decided that even money and mansions weren’t enough to make her hit that, the Playboy founder says he has his new girl.

He has been hanging out with Anna Berglund, another bleach blond hussy identical to the majority of his “girlfriends” and almost a carbon copy of Crystal Harris.

Seriously, how does he tell these hos apart? I would have to put an ink stamp with their names on their foreheads and have them clock in so I could tell them apart. Or else rename them all “Britney” so I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it straight.

But he says that now that Crystal has gone, Anna has captured his attention.

“With Crystal gone, Anna is my best girl,” he tweeted, calling her “one in a million”. Yeah, I think you mean “one of a million,” Hef.

But Crystal has said that those two aren’t dating and the other blond is just there to support him. I can only assume she means physically support him as he struggles to walk by himself to the bathroom. You know, because he is old.


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