Justin Bieber Tackled By Grown Man At Store Appearance


Apparently Bieber Fever can strike anywhere. A grown man caused a bit of a stir at a department store today when he tackled the teenage singer during a perfume promotion at a Macey’s in New York City.

According to sources, Bieber walked onto the scene and was immediately accosted by a male fan (or anti-fan, maybe?), knocked to the ground under his weight and had to be rescued by his security team.

However, the protection attempt didn’t go as planned. One of his security guards ended up attacking a police officer standing nearby in plain clothes when he tried to come to the boy’s aid.

The man and the security guard were escorted out and cited for disorderly conduct. Bieber himself said he was fine but shaken up by the whole thing.

The Baby singer didn’t give any comment about it on his Twitter. Instead he said, “today went well at macy’s.. the fans were AMAZING, thanks to all the fans who came out to support it was a breath of fresh air :)”.

His rep, however, said it was a small snag and everything else went well.