Weird Al Yankovic Finally Releases Video For Gaga Spoof


A few months ago Weird Al Yankovic released the demo for a song he did spoofing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Originally meant as a single, it hit a snag when he failed to secure permission from the pop singer and so he released it for free on Twitter. However, she then agreed to let him do the parody and today we have the music video.

This one is probably the most disturbing Weird Al video ever made by the songwriter. Far from his All About the Pentiums or White and Nerdy, this one focused more on the visual and macabre to bring the humor. Specifically, Gaga’s insane and, erm…creative style choices.

The clip features his head superimposed on a female body sporting a number of ridiculous outfits, including a few that Gaga herself has sported. (Look out for the now infamous ‘meat dress’.)

“I’m so completely original, my new look is all the rage,” he sings, as a woman dressed as Madonna and in the exact same outfit as Gaga – a look that the original Like a Virgin artist coined in her Vogue days – is pushed away by the new Queen Bee.

“I’ll wrap my small intestines ’round my neck and set fire to myself on stage,” the song continues.

“I’ll wear a porcupine on my head. On a W-H-I-M.”

All in all, it was a funny – if creepy – parody, and very on point. Check it out below!


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