Steven Spielberg Demanded Megan Fox Be Fired For Hitler Jab


I doubt anyone thinks Megan Fox is liked for her personality or brains…let’s face it, she doesn’t have either. But now it has come out that the real reason she left the Transformers franchise is because Steven Spielberg told the bumbling actress to GTFO following her now infamous comparison of Michael Bay to Hitler.

According to PopEater, Fox pissed off the movie legend back in 2009 when she gave an interview and called Bay a tyrant, saying that on set he was like Hitler, and off it he was awkward and lacking any social skills.

Spielberg didn’t take kindly to the words, though Bay himself didn’t say much on the matter. I think the very fact that Fox didn’t stop to consider that Steven was Jewish shows her lacking in any real cognitive abilities.

At the time members of the crew discounted her statements and said that the only issue on set was working with someone so vapid and dumb. Now that I can believe.

The thing about Megan Fox is that she is about to be forgotten. No one wants to work with her because she can’t stop opening her mouth. Nothing she ever says is anything but sexual (to fuel what little career she has) or offensive (probably because she thinks she is being edgy). She also insults more successful and talented actresses out of what appears to be petty resentment.

She will be kicking herself when even the music video offers fall off the table.


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