Has Nick Cannon Become Mariah’s Official Spokesperson, Or What?


Nick Cannon gave one of his frequent impromptu interviews outside of a nightclub where we was performing this weekend, saying that motherhood was ‘eye-opening’ for his wife Mariah Carey. Which begs the question: is he her official spokesman now?

I swear every other week he is popping up somewhere and saying something about Mariah. Whether it is talking about the twins or the pregnancy or even the bizarre feud that happened with Eminem, he always has something to say.

But when it comes to Mariah herself, you never hear from her. She just seems to exist in another realm where you have to pay to see one of her concerts or not at all. She never speaks to the press and her hubby seems to walk around acting as her voice box.

It is a big change from the days of old when she did crazy things like strip on MTV’s TRL. What happened to the insane Mariah we all love? Maybe Nick is keeping her medicated.


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