Kim Kardashian: ‘I feel sexiest after exercise’


Kim Kardashian has reportedly said that she feels at her most sexy when she has just had a work-out.

The reality TV star explained that she always feels “good” after exercise.

She told More, “I’m at my sexiest right after I leave the gym. I always feel so good, I also like being glammed up though.”

“Every girl has their insecurities but I’ve become more comfortable with my body as I’ve grown older.

“Although I do work out hard – there’s always room for improvement. If I’m at home I work out every day, but with travelling so much it’s hard.”

The socialite also insisted that confidence is the sexiest quality about a person.

“Confidence is sexy. If someone is really insecure, they can come across as really unsure of themselves.

She adds, “And if you have body issues, it can roll over into your work and the rest of your life. I think confidence is just the sexiest thing.”

Photos by WENN


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