Soulja Boy: I Was Hacked!


Soulja Boy caused controversy after appeared to go off on homophobic and racist rants against Caucasians on his Facebook page. But now he is saying that he was hacked, and those rants had nothing to do with how he really feels about anyone, much less his fans.

“I had administrators on my account that no longer work with me,” he said in an official statement.

“The hackers used these old accounts to post hateful messages. This was not done by me or anyone on my team and I’m upset that I am being labeled as a racist and homophobic person.”

I saw the original comments, which were basically of the “f**k white people,, if they don’t like me they are f*ggots” variety. I didn’t cover it because I figured it would have been a hack…most people aren’t so stupid that they will alienate part of their fanbase for no reason other than one or two people making negative comments on their fan page.

Then again, we have seen a few examples of stupid rants lately. So, who knows.


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