Estella Warren Facing DUI, Battery Of An Officer Charges


We previously reported that model/actress Estella Warren had been arrested for a DUI, hit and run and then attacking an officer and attempting several times to escape custody. Now, she is facing the charges from that incident.

She has been officially charged with a DUI and Battery of an Officer, as well as a hit and run and resisting arrest. Surprisingly, all four are misdemeanor charges.

This is her second arrest for driving under the influence, the first back in 2007. For this latest case she could face up to six months in jail.

Again, what is with celebrities and not a hailing a damn cab? I am a broke writer, and even I call one up and overpay for a taxi ride when I have had too much too drink. I usually don’t even drive my car to the place if I know I will be drinking there.

She can’t flag one down in LA? She has to smash her car into a couple of probably less rich people’s vehicles instead? Then she insists of being let go and kicks a few cops before slipping her skinny wrists out of the cuffs and booking it?

Bitch is crazy.


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