Justin Timberlake: ‘Cameron Diaz has my humour’


Justin timberlake has revealed he enjoyed working with ex-girlfriend Cameron Diaz on Bad Teacher because they have a similar sense of humour.

The singer-actor insisted that the transition from former romantic partners to colleagues was an easy one and described the process of filming the project as “a great experience”.

Timberlake explained to Extra “We were happy to have this movie together because we share a sense of humour, always have, always will.”

“We’re great friends, and we had a great experience together, and now we’re having a great experience together in a completely different way.”

He recently revealed that he has no plans to record another album in the future. He told Vanity Fair, “I really don’t know. I wouldn’t say I’m not going to put out another one. I would say that would be a bad bet, if you were betting. But I could see myself only doing one more big tour.”

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