Nicki Minaj Releases ‘Did It On Em’ Music Video


Nicki Minaj, currently the uncontested queen of hip hop, released her music video for the scatological single ‘Did It On Em’.

Anyone who has listened to the song will know exactly why I referred to it as a ‘scatological single’, at least as a direct description of the content. Of course, the opinion that it is crap in general is only a personal one.

But if you are a Barbie fan, you will be happy with the release and you can enjoy it below. You can also download for free a bonus track that Nicki posted earlier this week called ‘Catch Me’.

“Just a way of saying thank u. I love u guys. Thank u for coming out. U guys gave me LIFE on the ‘I am still music’ Tour. xo4Life,” she tweeted.

Check out the explicit song/video below.

I really don’t like the song. I am not against Nicki Minaj and I actually like her music sometimes. But it is just a really childish song and the video wasn’t very well done. When I put it against the greats of underground hip hop, she just sounds like a fool.



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