Amy Winehouse album ‘delayed by rehab’


Amy Winehouse’s upcoming third album has been delayed by her recent admission to rehab according to reports.

The Back to Black singer is said to have completed work on her long-awaited LP, but its release has been postponed while the singer seeks help for her alcohol addiction at London clinic the Priory.

A source told People, “She has finally finished the album and it’s ready to go. They were just about to finalise a release date and then this happened.

“She is back in rehab for the foreseeable future so it is just a question of waiting and seeing now. But there is no way they can give a specific release date until they know she is likely to be out.”

The publicist for the 27-year-old has also confirmed that the singer underwent a treatment programme in order to prepare for a series of summer concerts.

Winehouse’s rep previously insisted, “She will remain at the Priory on doctor’s advice.”


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