Jeff Conaway Dead At Age 60


Jeff Conaway, the actor made famous by his roles in Grease and Taxi, has passed away at the age of 60.

Conaway was rushed to the hospital earlier this week and it was announced that he had fallen into a coma. There were rumors that it was due to an overdose on prescription painkillers, an addiction he has struggled with for decades.

He was on Celebrity Rehab and that struggle was chronicled, as well as his complicated relationship with his ex-gf. There was a lot of drama as he fought his treatment, left and came back. Half the time he couldn’t even be understood, and several times he had seizures or other serious health problems during filming.

But despite this, Dr. Drew insists that it was not an overdose that killed him. He says it was his heart finally giving out after years of pill abuse that put severe stress on his body.

I can believe that. But was he actually sober when he died? His heart might have been weak and finally died off, but if he was still popping pills at the time I can only imagine it helped the process along. The man was in a coma when he passed, after all.

Whatever happened, it is all very sad. RIP Jeff.