Mark Kerrigan Gets Max Sentence In Father’s Death


Mark Kerrigan, the brother of figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, has been given the maximum sentence for the assault on his 70-year-old father that led to his death.

The incident occurred in January 2010. Kerrigan got into an argument with his father while drunk about whether or not he could use his phone. This led him to attack his father. He was found unresponsive and pronounced dead shortly after.

At the sentencing hearing. Nancy plead her brother’s case and asked the judge to be lenient with a suspended sentence. The judge denied the request and gave him the full and a half years in prison, saying that Kerrigan had failed to address his mental health issues, including his severe alcoholism and uncontrollable anger that sparked the assault.

I always thought this was one of the more shocking stories of 2010. I can’t imagine having a sibling kill a parent, even unintentionally. He definitely needs to take care of his problems before he hurts someone else.


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