LiLo’s House Arrest Begins


Lindsay Lohan recently pleaded “no contest” in the theft of a $2,500 necklace from a local department store. But instead of four months in jail that she was expected to serve, she will be spending it at her place under house arrest. A punishment that has now officially begun.

The house arrest is technically for four months, and only allows her to leave for necessities like buying groceries, doctor’s appointments and community service.

But according to People, she might only be spending two weeks under lock and key at her home. Budget cuts in the system have limited manpower for enforcing house arrests, as well as the use of ankle monitoring bracelets. So, if she is good, she is looking forward to just half a month for her crime.

I can’t stand Lindsay Lohan. She isn’t especially talents, she has crapped in every bed she sleeps in from Disney to various directors, and she never truly pays for anything she does. She is the epitome of young Hollywood showing today’s teens that they can do anything and get away with it if they are a b-list celebrity with an addiction.

At least we will have a few weeks of not seeing her, right?


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