Chelsea Handler Gets Real About Teen Abortion


Chelsea Handler opened up on a more serious than usual topic this week in an interview with the New York Times, admitting that when she was 16-years-old she had an abortion.

According to the comedienne well known for her shock humor and love of midgets, she became pregnant at the age of 16 and ended up having a termination. She didn’t hold back when speaking about it.

“I had an abortion when I was 16. Because that’s what I should have done. Otherwise I would now have a 20-year-old kid. Anyway, those are the things that people shouldn’t be dishonest about.”

She also spoke out against shows like 16 & Pregnant that glorify teen pregnancy.

“We’re seeking out such grossness in human behavior and want such mindless entertainment…16 and Pregnant.’ Getting rewarded for being pregnant when you’re a teenager? Are you serious? I mean, that makes me want to kill somebody.”

I am not a huge fan of Chelsea’s, but for the first time I have to say I agree with her. Shows like MTV’s teen reality dramas are fairly twisted. Especially when you see posts online from girls saying they want to get on the show now that they are knocked up.

As for the abortion, at least she was honest about it. It can’t be easy to talk about in public.


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