Estella Warren Arrested For DUI, Assault Of An Officer, Trying To Escape


Guess who had a rather unexpected breakdown last night? Estella Warren, the model and actress soon to be seen in Manson Girls was arrested for a DUI after she allegedly hit three cars, then resisted arrest.

That’s right, the full-lipped beauty apparently got drunk, slammed into a few cars, then attacked a police officer when he tried to arrest her. Kicking him repeatedly, they managed to get her into cuffs and to the police station.

But cops say she wasn’t done yet. She allegedly slipped from the handcuffs and managed to run out the back door. She then had to be chased again and was put under arrest a second time, charged with felony escape.

In addition to that, she is facing a DUI, hit-and-run and assault on an officer. It is a serious set of charges, and could have major jail time attached. Her bail is set at $100,000.

This is so crazy. She isn’t one of those actresses that is well known by name, but most people recognize her by face. She was on a few episodes of the Law & Order anthology, and she was in the INXS video for Afterglow. More recently, she was in Beauty and the Beast as Belle.

The combination of crazy and hammered have to be intense to make you try to escape from a police station. Where the hell did she think she was going to go? It isn’t like people don’t know who she is…she wouldn’t just blend with the crowd.



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