More Deets Emerging On Arnold’s Baby Mama


More and more details – both interesting and stupid – have been emerging about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former mistress-turned-baby mama. Spoiler alert! She doesn’t seem that pleasant.

I don’t know why people find it so shocking to know this chick was unstable. According to various sources, she used to try to wear Maria Shriver’s clothes, slept with her husband in their bed and went to her with pregnancy and relationship questions when she got knocked up fourteen years ago with his kid.

Obviously, she wasn’t a peach.

Well, now we know a few other things. For example, the family, friends and former coworkers of Mildred Patricia Baena were not surprised when they found out she was the woman named in the scandal. In fact, they were all positive the second they found out there was a lovechild.

According to TMZ, home of all things sleazy, she was described by anonymous family members as a “maneater”.

But that isn’t all. Her former coworkers say that she was generally disliked through the house because she was a self-hating Hispanic and social climber who regularly talked down to other Hispanic employees for their race. According to her, “white people were better”, and she wanted to be seen as white herself.

She also allegedly would do anything to get herself some of that cash. He ended up dropping $65,000 for a down payment on her house, and it isn’t clear what he might have been giving her behind his wife’s back. However, I think that is understandable…she is raising his kid, after all.


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