‘Idol’ James Durbin: “I’m going to the top”


James Durbin predicted that his post-American Idol career will blaze a new path in the music industry.

The 22-year-old Santa Cruz native discussed his recent exit from the hit reality show with Entertainment Tonight. He explained that his main goal now is to create unique and innovative music.

Durbin said, “I’m trying to figure out where I want to take my career. I’m definitely taking it where no Idol alumni has ever been before.”

“[It will be] a whole other realm. I don’t like to follow a trend.”

He adds, “My entire life of listening to music, practicing music… and learning how to sing, and refining my craft has led up to this. This is what I’ve always looked forward to.

“I’m not paying out of pocket to go on a nationwide tour, cutting my teeth playing in dive bars and rock festivals opening on side stages for Motley Crue. It’s cool [because] instead I’m going to the top. My face is on the billboard.”


Photos by WENN



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