Mariah Carey Victim of False Child Protective Services Report


Mariah Carey was visited by Child Protective Services after a report was filed saying the singer was abusing drugs while still in the hospital with her newborn twins. The singer’s husband Nick Cannon says the report was not true.

He told CNN’s Piers Morgan that perhaps the report had been spurred by a nurse’s suggestion to Carey to drink “a small amount of Guinness,” because the yeast would improve breastfeeding.

“I guess someone maybe overheard that (suggestion), and this is a good way to make a quick buck, or call the tabloids.”

“It’s kind of sad that people think that we’ll make money off of these newborns.”

Cannon said, “Child protective services were called with allegations that, you know, there was some drinking and drugs and all that going on while in the hospital, which again makes no sense to me.”

“Like, how would a hospital even allow that?”


Photos by WENN



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