Gaga to use FarmVille to promote ‘Born This Way’


Lady Gaga has reportedly teamed up with Zynga, the company behind the ultra popular social networking game FarmVille, to promote her forthcoming third studio album Born This Way.

The game will allow players, and Gaga’s little monsters, to get a first listen of new Born This Way tracks via iHeartRadio, unlocked inside the game according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fans will also unlock a download of the album and exclusive bonus tracks with the purchase of a $25 Zynga gift card.

According to the website, with the purchase of a $25 Zynga gift card from Best Buy, fans also unlock an exclusive Lady Gaga unicorn and will be entered for a chance to be one of seven winners who will get the chance to spend a day on the set of the singer’s next video shoot.

Lady Gaga said, “I want to celebrate and share Born This Way with my little monsters in a special way that’s never been done before.’

“Zynga has created a magical place in FarmVille where my fans can come play and be the first to listen to the album.”


Photos by WENN



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