Chace Crawford Bags A Deal In Marijuana Possession Case


Chace Crawford may be out of the legal woods thanks to the deal he just agreed to in his marijuana possession case.

The Gossip Girl actor made headlines last July after being found with almost two ounces of marijuana and rolling a joint in his car in a pub parking lot. At the time, he cooperated with police and didn’t identify himself, quietly going to jail for the offense.

There was never much question about a serious charge. The amount he possessed was low, and it was obvious that there was no intent to distribute the drug. Marijuana use has become less and less punished in recent years, with virtual decriminalization in several states where the fine is as low as $1 per offense.

With this particular deal, Crawford will have to stay out of trouble with police for a year. If he does, the whole thing will be dropped without record. He will also give a once a month visit to his probation officer, and do 24 hours of community service.



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