Trump — Taking The Credit For Idiot Birthers Everywhere


Birthers have been a source of amusement for both those on the Left and the Moderate Right for some time now. Their insistence that Obama was born anywhere from Kenya to Mars has shown that sometimes people are truly desperate to believe conspiracy theories. But now the birth certificate is out, and Donald Trump is taking all the credit.

The White House eventually caved and released the long form birth certificate that they never should have had to. It proves that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii…just like we already knew. Shocker.

But Trump isn’t giving any credit to the mass hysteria by birthers that have screeched from their basement apartments and on the Internet since the last presidential campaigning began. No, he sees it as having been all him.

“Today I’m very proud of myself, because I’ve accomplished something that no one else has been able to accomplish,” the irritating windbag said from under the dead animal he calls a hair piece.

Yes, I am sure it was pressure from you that caused Obama to shudder in his boots and release the document that there was never any legitimate reason to ask for. Or maybe he was as sick as the rest of us of hearing it, and didn’t want to go through a second election with birthers crying out like drunk filing clerks with a vendetta.

But it isn’t over yet, apparently. Because now Trump is saying that the document has to be verified. Really? Like all of the birthers that “verified” the fake that showed Obama as being born in Kenya?

Go ahead and keep fighting the good fight, you paranoid patriots, you. The rest of us will just go on knowing what we always did: Obama is American, the president, and the wrong color for all of you “good people”.


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