70’s TV Star Asks For Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan


Paul Michael Glasser, best known for his role on the classic television cop show Starsky & Hutch, has asked a judge for a restraining order against a woman who he says has obsessively stalked him for years.

Glasser claims that the unnamed defendant has followed him out of the country, sent him more than 500 emails in two years and has even been in his apartment. In her contact with him, the actor says that she can appear both “rational and irrational”, and that he is beginning to fear for his and his family’s safety.

Now that he is going on a book tour, he wants to make sure that the close access fans will gain will not apply to her. He wants a restraining order that will keep her at least yards away from himself and his family at all times.

This seems like it will be a hard thing to enforce. If she is that obsessed, it doesn’t seem likely that a court order will curb her behavior. Especially since she reportedly saw a play he was in 23 times after following him all the way to England. Yikes!

Wouldn’t on-hand security guards be more effective? Just give them a photo and tell them to keep her away. What else more can really be done with a restraining order if she is that determined?


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