Long Running ‘All My Children,’ One Life To Live’ Officially Canceled


Bad news for all you soap opera junkies: All My Children and One Life To Live, two of the longest running daytime television shows in the US, have officially been given the axe.

OLTL came first, debuting in 1968 and managing to keep audiences guessing through endless plot twists, comas and love betrayals for decades.

AMC wasn’t far behind, airing in 1970, and managing similar story lines through its impressive time on television.

According to ABC, the network the hosted both famously dramatic cheesefests, the decision was made based on “Guided by extensive research into what today’s daytime viewers want and the changing viewing patterns of the audience”.

Translation? We have reality shows that are more tragic than soap operas, so no one is watching. Instead, they are putting on new health and food related shows to take their place. Hey, why not?

That doesn’t mean that all daytime soaps are dead on ABC. General Hospital is still going, and if you switch over to NBC you have such classics as Days of Our Lives and Passions. There is still hope for those who watch TV during the day but aren’t content with endless reruns of cooking shows, family talk shows and DNA tests.



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