Jersey Shore Cast Gets a Huge Raise


Think what you want about the Jersey Shore stars, but these MTV stars are becoming huge that they could ask for a raise and get it.

For the fourth season of Jersey Shore, which will be shot in Italy, the eight-member cast will be receiving higher paychecks, with the “core group” to earn up to $100,000 per episode. Each season  of Jersey Shore has 13 episodes. Considering that the entire show involve screwing around, and getting drunk, that’s a pretty huge pay check.

Back in its first year, the same group who tried to ask for a $10k raise to continue working on season 2, made it to the headlines for acting like big shots. Now that the group is able to bag their own product endorsements, appearance gigs, and even speaking engagements also with huge pay checks, the Jersey Shore cast has the right to ask for a raise, whether you find the show disturbing or not.

The Situation’s annual income is estimated at $5 million – a combination of MTV’s pay and his other gigs. Snooki and J-Woww as well as Pauly D, who recently signed for two MTV Jersey Shore spinoffs, will probably take more money than the rest.

The 4th season in Italy will start shooting in May.

Photos by WENN


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