Katie Couric to Leave “CBS Evening News”


It’s official: Katie Couric – the first woman ever to anchor her own nightly news program alone – has decided to leave CBS Evening News for a new program.

Couric has become well known for her reporting and friendly address of current news topics. Originally, she was going to stay on to host the coverage of the 2012 presidential elections, of which campaigning isn’t far off. But she has apparently decided otherwise.

Now, she is reportedly planning on going public with her own talk show, and already networks are going nuts trying to sign her on, including CBS. But it is doubtful she will stay with that company, given the lack of consistency with her current contract.

In fact, The New York Post, Katie was required via her contract to contribute to six 60 Minutes segments per year, and has never received a project.

Whoever she signs on with it going to be lucky to have her. I really hope she takes on a politics-centric show, as her political coverage is always well rounded and informed.

Good luck, Katie!


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