Italy Locals Speak Out Against The Embarrassment That Is ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast


What do you get when you take a giant vat and throw in fake tan spray, hair gel and the worst Italian stereotypes since the Mario Bros.? Why, the cast of Jersey Shore, of course, and they are headed to Italy….much to the chagrin of the locals.

The whole cast is hopping on a plane for a very special episode in which they will further embarrass both our country and Italy by their mere presence.

Already, daily newspapers, critics and Italian groups have been speaking out about this.

“”They embody the worst stereotypes of Italians, multiplied by thousands and Americanized,” Roberto Del Bove of New Notzie said. Well, yes, but don’t worry; no one in the US takes them seriously, either.

The thing about the Shore cast is that they are a bunch of overly-tanned, duck-faced self-parodies that no one actually thinks has talent. They aren’t respected by anyone with even a few functioning brain cells, and they are mostly put on television for the same reason that all reality “stars” are…to become the modern equivalent of traveling freak shows.

We gawk at them, we laugh at them, we feel horribly sorry that they are associated with us. One thing we don’t do is think of them as a representation of Italian society. Hell, they are offensive just thought of people of New Jersey.

One thing that can be said, though: the Shore cast members can become a unifying point for Italy and America, as we both find them pointless.


  1. […] that they will not be welcomed. It’s no secret that locals in Italy are not fans of the show. “They embody the worst stereotypes of Italians, multiplies by thousands and Americanized,” Rober…. On average each core cast member is set to make about 100,000 per episode. Sources say that Jersey […]


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