Michael Lohan Talks Domestic Abuse Charge, Lindsay Name Change


Do you remember last October when Michael Lohan released an ironic statement to the media saying that he was no longer going to speak to them about anything, much less his personal life and family? Man, that was a blissful five minutes. As predicted, the z-list celebrity father has gone on TV to defend himself. Or something.

Lohan went on CNN to milk every last bit of attention he possibly could from the recent two scandals in his life: the name change of his daughter and the rest of his family, and the domestic abuse case against him for the alleged attack on ex-girlfriend Kate Major.

HLN’s Jane Valez-Mitchell first asked about what he thought of Dina’s claim that she and Ali were going back to the last name Sullivan, and Lindsay was going to drop a last name altogether, sticking with a first-name moniker.

“I don’t think it is true at all. I would never imagine any of my kids changing their name, especially Lindsay.”

According to him, it is just a ploy from Dina, one of many that he says she has orchestrated in the past years. “Could it have to do with the drama with Kate [Major]? You never know.”

As for the domestic violence charge, he gave a mangled, badly explained version of events from his side. He claims that Major had left various messages on people’s phones saying she was going to get him arrested because she wanted more money (which makes no sense).

He then alleges that she ‘cut’ him, and showed off some scratches that he says were caused by her, and insists he never hit her. (Again, which makes no sense considering the police reported no injuries on Lohan, and several minor ones on Major.)

He says that he called the police and walked down to the station, but she jumped in the car to get there before he arrived and filed her own report. He also says that they wouldn’t allow him to file his own, despite having scratches and being the first one to call them.

I notice two things about his explanations of both the last name incident, and the domestic abuse incident. First, the story doesn’t quite add up. Second, he is shifting all blame 100% from himself, trying to make him look like the good guy and the victim.

Her Michael, could you maybe go back to your promise not to speak to the media?


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