Why All The Rebecca Black Hate?


Viral videos can create a minor celebrity so fast that it’s a wonder they don’t come up with a case of whip lash. The latest has been a 13-year-old wannabe singer naked Rebecca Black, who shot to dubious celebrity for a music video titled ‘Friday’.

Unless you have been living in seclusion from technology and people, you will have likely seen the video in question. It was made by Rebecca, whose mother paid out $10,000 to have it made from a studio specializing in amateur music videos for teens.

The second it was posted it shot up in popularity, reaching 17 million views in just a few days, globally. In a few days! It has since been called the worse song ever, and she has been teased so much that I am surprised she hasn’t moved to a secret island away from TV’s and computers.

What I don’t understand is all the hate. Yeah, it isn’t the greatest song; the lyrics are cheesy, she was auto-tuned to within an inch of her own voice and the content of the video seems a little silly for a 13-year-old (who the hell is driving the car?!). Not to mention, the random ‘rap’ sequence by the unexplainable man in the middle of the song.

But it wasn’t as bad as the Internet is making it out to be…this chick is NOT the latest Jan Terri. Besides, she is 13-years-old…do we have to be such dicks? She’s a kid.

What do you think of ‘Friday’?


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