Courtney Love: That Is NOT My Twitter!


About a week ago, a new Twitter under the account name cloverxxxlove appeared. Right away, tweets began appearing insulting celebrities, ranting in incomprehensible ALLCAPS, and doing all of the things that Courtney Love has been famous for on the web since starting her first website. Only one problem: she says it isn’t her.

It all started with rants against Chelsea Handler. Calling her talentless, accusing her of having a man’s face, and attacking her frequent use of little people in her comedy, it immediately caught attention.

After that, frequent rants began. There was a great deal of intimate personal knowledge placed in the tweets, not to mention her well-known writing style that was matched perfectly.

At first, her rep was refusing to confirm it was her, but there was no denial. But today, she told the NY Daily News’ Page Six that it was definitely not her on the site.

“I was horrified to find whoever it was was insulting my friends…I would never be so classless as to discuss their private lives in such a vulgar manner.”

Or, at least she wouldn’t again…she was already sued once for her offensive rants, which led to her paying out more than $400,000 in legal fees. Ouch.

If she is telling the truth, then this is one of the most spot-on, talented trolls ever. They have manage to perfectly portray her crazy, and obviously know a lot about her personal life and history. Maybe someone close to her? A prank from her angry daughter? Who knows?


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