Earthquake In Japan: Donate to Aid Efforts


I am usually tasked with making catty remarks about various celebrities and their egos, actions and quotes. But I wanted to take a moment to speak about the devastating natural disaster that has hit Japan this morning, and let our readers know where they can help.

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake was the largest that has ever been on record for the country, and it has left whole city streets in rubble. Following on the hells of this horrifying event was a tsunami that took cars, buildings and ships and swept them away into the sea on a huge wall of water.

So far 60 people have been reported dead. But with a number of fully collapsed buildings occupied by people, and ships carrying hundreds of passengers being swept out to sea, the death toll is expected to rise significantly.

We at Tonic would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of the dead, as well as our support to survivors who have lost their homes or been injured.

If you would like to donate to relief efforts, you can do so at Global Giving.



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