Felicia Pearson of ‘The Wire’ Arrested In Drug Raid


Felicia Pearson (aka Snoop), best known for her part as the young assassin for Marlo’s crew in the hit HBO series The Wire, has been arrested in Baltimore as part of a five-month DEA investigation into a major heroine and marijuana operation.

The drug bust was, according to reports, done at her home. A full thirty people were arrested, all of them allegedly connected to the drug ring.

This is seriously unfortunate. Pearson has been known to have had serious troubles with the law in the past. She was arrested at 14-years-old for the shooting death of another girl, as part of her life as a drug dealer in Baltimore. But she seemed to turn her life around, and not only did she play the fantastic part on The Wire, but she opened a youth program with fellow actor Jamie Hector.

We will have to wait and see what charges she faces.


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