Julie Taymor may leave “Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark”


“Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” director Julie Taymor may be leaving the Broadway production and Bono might replace her according to reports.

Bono and U2 guitarist The Edge, who helped create the show and recruited Taymor as director, saw the show in New York after returning from their tour of South Africa, The Daily reports.

A source reportedly said, “She’s an artist, and she’s proprietary and territorial. She was standing in the way of fixing it.”

“Bono will do some more work on the show. He really feels it can be a masterpiece, as opposed to a survivability test for young actors. Bono and Edge will make it more of a Broadway musical.”

Another insider says, “Taymor didn’t want to make changes. Her attitude was ‘take it or leave it.'”


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