‘Alice In Chains’ Rocker Mike Starr Found Dead In SLC


Mike Starr, one time band member of the legendary grunge band Alice in Chains, has been found in Salt Lake City, Utah at the age of 44-years-old.

Starr joined up in the 80’s with the Seattle-based band Diamond Lie, later Alice in Chains, the group that is often credited with the real emergence of the Seattle Sound/Grunge movement. He was with them for several years, before leaving the group for what was called at the time a “difference in priorities.”

Later, he revealed that his heroine addiction, already severe, had taken over his life and his band mates had kicked him out.

This revelation, and others, were made during his stint on Celebrity Rehab, which he was on in season three. He then went on to the spin-off series Sober Living, chronicling his life living in the sober house run by Dr. Drew Pinsky of Loveline fame and his staff.

At the time, Starr had reportedly been clean and sober for several months. However, he was arrested in February on suspected drug possession.

Last night, he was found dead by police in SLC, Utah, where he was living. His death is still under investigation, but many believe the details will later show that he died of a drug related complication, such as overdose. All police have said is that foul play is unlikely.

If he did die due to his drug use, he would be the second Alice in Chains alum to do so. Layne Staley, the first frontman for the band, overdosed in 2002.


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