Rose McGowan Given Temporary Restraining Order Against Stalker


Rose McGowan has been given a temporary restraining order against a man who insists he is in love with her, and has began threatening herself, her family and her staff.

Louis Santo III has been constantly calling and emailing reps for the actress, as well as attempting to contact Rose herself. He has been getting increasingly angry, saying that she will “be gone” if she doesn’t respond. He has also threatened violence against her family and staff if they don’t let him speak to her.

“His constant calling and threats have severely unnerved me and members of my staff as well as my family,” she said. She also asked for $2,500 for reimbursing legal fees caused by the filing.

I jumped on Facebook today and looked for a profile for Santo. He was easy to find, and has four profiles that I can find. He barely does anything on any of them. But on each he has friended a number of dummy and roleplaying accounts that are either of Rose McGowan, or of her character from the TV show Charmed.

On one he lists an address in Derby, Connecticut.

There will be a court hearing on March 11 to discuss further protective orders.


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