Paris Hilton’s $3,200 Birthday Cake Stolen


Paris Hilton’s birthday cake for her pre-30th birthday party in Hollywood was stolen.

According to UsMagazine, a party crasher named Paz swiped the socialite’s sweet treat which costs a whopping $3,200 and featured absinthe.

The man posted a note on his Facebook page, he said, “I crashed Paris Hilton’s Birthday Party and Accidentally the Whole Cake. I woke up this morning with a birthday cake in my living room. It’s big. It’s red. It says ‘Paris’. And it’s f***ing delicious.”

He also revealed that his friend named Kevin had sneaked him into the birthday party and after “drinking heavily”, he made off with the 70-pound cake after Hilton blew out the candles.

Paz says he tricked the party’s head of security and rushed the cake into his friend’s Nissan Maxima according to UsMagazine.

He ends his post by saying, “I don’t know WTF (what the f**k) I’m going to do with it.”

Photos by WENN



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